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Thank you for your interest and visit

Just wanted to say a thank you from heart for those who got interest in the Flipbook Show and paid a visit. The show was a big success, which brought both the visitors and us great joy and giggles! The show team (my artist friends + myself, when I am a crew) is willing to visit any town in the world (as long as the budget allows … shhh) to tell and show the world that flipbooks are fun. If you wish the show to come to your town or if you wish to join the show as one of the artists, please drop me an email.


ON SHOW in Yokohama, Japan: Teardrops – 泪 –


Along with animation artists and illustrators, my newest work, Teardrops – 泪 – (Flipbook animation) is now on show in Yokohama, Japan. If you live near or have a plan to visit the city, please also drop at our show. You’ll never regret, as there are bunch of lovely flipbooks with unique ideas waiting for you. Some works have their copies for sale.

Teardrops - 泪 -: Key visual

Teardrops – 泪 -: Key visual

7 – 15 September 2013

  • Para Para Manga Kissa-ten (The Flipbook Show ) “Eiga!”, Pantograph Gallery, Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref., Japan * Click to view the show website (Japanese only)
The Flipbook Show - Eiga! - Flyer front (illustration by Ashita Nonki)

The Flipbook Show – Eiga! – Flyer front (illustration by Ashita Nonki)

The Flipbook Show - Eiga! - Flyer back

The Flipbook Show – Eiga! – Flyer back


Welcome to AMARREL website.

AMARREL is an Art and Design Studio run by Amarrel Miche (myself), who is now based in Tokyo, Japan. AMARREL’s works covers from graphic design, illustration, animation and fabric design, to new media art, from online digital content to mixed media works in or out of door. I am ready to work with people from all over the world and can work for you if you are an individual or a big company. Please feel free to look through the website and contact me. Enjoy!

Hello world :)

Long waited AMARREL website now starts in a blogging format. Temporarily with English and Japanese languages altogether. More images with texts to be updated as a handy showcase, and instructions on working with us for your art and/or design planning. Have a nice summer and hope you enjoy the site.